About Monique

Your Partner in Success

Meet Monique, the heart and soul behind Bookkeeping On The Coast. She’s more than just a bookkeeper; she’s a seasoned financial controller, an industry educator, a businesswoman, and a devoted family person.


With over 30 years of experience, Monique’s journey has been as diverse and dynamic as the businesses she works with. She began her career in Hotel Management and swiftly made her way into the Accounts Department thanks to her natural affinity for numbers. Recognising her exceptional ability, her employers allowed her to switch her studies from Business to Accounting, and she hasn’t looked back since.


Her passion for helping businesses navigate their financial landscape led her to leave her full-time position after the birth of her first child. She started helping people with their books, and through dedication and word of mouth, her humble endeavour grew into the vibrant, client-focused business it is today.


Monique holds the title of NIA Qualified Accountant and is registered with the Australia Accounting Technicians and the Tax Practitioners Board. She’s also a certified Xero advisor, staying at the forefront of financial technology to deliver efficient and modern solutions to her clients.


What sets Monique apart is her approach to bookkeeping. She’s friendly, approachable, and genuinely invested in improving her clients’ lives. She’s not just about getting the job done; she’s about doing it in a way that makes a difference. Her drive, motivation, and perfectionism shine through in every interaction, making her more than just a service provider; she’s a partner in your success.


Despite her extensive qualifications and experience, Monique values her relationships above all else. She takes pride in her transparent work practices and enjoys forming lasting client partnerships. Her approach is personal, professional, and completely centred on your business goals.


When she’s not crunching numbers or helping businesses succeed, Monique spends time with her close-knit family. She’s a proud grandmother, an avid traveller, and a fitness enthusiast. Monique embodies the perfect balance of professional acumen and personal warmth. She loves travelling, exercising, and spending quality time with her family. Her energy and ambition drive her to constantly better herself and extend that growth to her clients.


Monique’s ultimate goal is to spend more time with her family and travel while providing top-notch bookkeeping services. She finds immense satisfaction in helping her clients out of financial messes, training businesses, and seeing them grow.


Choosing Monique and Bookkeeping On The Coast means choosing expertise, transparency, and a friendly approach. It means selecting a partner genuinely invested in your business’s success.

Would you like to meet Monique and learn how Bookkeeping On The Coast can help your business thrive? Book a phone consultation today. Monique is eager to get to know you and your business. Together, you can chart a path to financial clarity and business success.